Useful Dating Tips

by Rick Lee

This is a section I decided to put up after receiving a lot of emails on dating tips. I am not an expert in relationships but I know about dating and meeting girls. So here I can take questions and publish my answers as well. Just make sure you email them to me at

1. The first question that I get the most is where I find girls..

There are a lot of "types" of women that I date. In my personal life I am very picky about who I date (dating and having sex are two different things). I like girls who are pretty, whom I can have good a conversation with and an open mind. I find girls pretty much everywhere from a nightclub to a Yahoo club, it really doesn't matter. However, for guys out there who want to date more I would give the following advice::

a. Be more attentive at women in general in any situation. Make eye contact and make sure you follow up by introducing yourself. One opportunity lost is probably lost forever, so go for it. There is absolutely nothing to loose and a lot to gain.

b. Hang out where the girls are.. bars, nightclubs, beach, coffeeshops and make sure to approach them.

c. If the online thing is ok.. place a personal ad WITH a picture on all major sites, they are free. The girls that respond are obviously interested and looking so that can save a lot of work.

d. Communication is EVERYTHING in my opinion. Make sure you communicate well in person or by email, this is what tells guys apart. Guys who can be articulate and that are able to entertain a woman have very good mating chances.

e. Treat women well, always be a gentleman. Girls appreciate that and pay attention to those things.

f.  Style and to a certain extent cleanliness are individual traits that many guys overlook. Make sure to improve on them as much as possible.

As I get more questions I will post them and answer them.

Rules of dating every man should be aware of

1) Be assertive

Be assertive and confident. Do not be too shy or too agressive, it's delicate balance but one must be aware of this when picking up or courting a woman.


2) Be on Time

Don't show up late for a date. If you can't help being late, call and let her know. Don't keep a woman waiting around for you to show up. She's going to get the impression that you're inconsiderate, and that you don't think she's worth the effort to be on time.

Don't be too early either. If a woman is rushing around trying to get ready at the last minute, she won't appreciate you showing up early.

Allow yourself plenty of time to get to wherever you're going to meet her. If you're early, drive around and kill time. Always show up at the right time, not early, and no more than 10 minutes late.


3) Be Prepared

Make sure you have enough gas in your car, and enough cash in your wallet to cover anything that might happen on your date. It's very "tacky" to have to pull up to the pump or stop at a cash machine while your date sits in the car. It's even worse if you don't have the cash in your bank to withdraw. It's not a crime to take a woman out on an inexpensive date. Just don't plan or leave yourself open for something you can't afford.

Be prepared for "safe sex" if the date leads to romance. Many women wont' go to be with you if you're not prepared. You've worked hard to get her in an amorous mood. Don't blow it by not having "protection." Don't rely on her for birth control. Women appreciate a man who's prepared to accept responsibility for keeping her healthy and not getting her pregnant.


4) Take Charge of the Date

Most women are flattered by a man who's taken the time to plan out a date in advance. Ask for her approval of your plans, of couse, but unless she suggests something, you should be the one to set the agenda. It shows confidence, and that you've been thinkg about her.


5) Make Her Feel Special

Nothing turns off a woman quicker than a man who eyeballs other women on a date. make her the center of your attention the entire time you're with her. When your concentrating on her exclusively, it makes her feel important and special.


6) Be a Classy Guy

Don't be cheap. If you go out for dinner, leave a good tip (even if the service wasn't great). Show her you're generous. However, avoid into "showing off" your wealth.. some women take that as a sign of insecurity. A lot of guys tend to show off their car, watch, material goods, etc.  to make up for something they lack.

Be conscious of manners and the social graces. Don't burp or do other repulsive things in her presence.

Don't overdress or underdress for a date. And let her know in advance what you have planned, so she won't be embarrassed by not dressing appropriately.

Be positive and optimistic about everything you talk about. Don't be putting down or criticizing others, and certainly don't say anything negative about her or anything that's important to her.


7) Be a Friend

Treat a woman as a "buddy", not a sex object. Show her you enjoy her company, and you enjoy talking with her. Don't act like the date is just a prelude to a "roll in the hay." A woman needs to relax and feel comfortable around you before she starts getting romantic. If she feels you just want her body, it's doubtful she'll give it to you.

Take her out to places where she can feel safe. Give her a chance to trust you before you invite her over to your apartment.

Be warm and friendly, and act natural. Don't go overboard trying to impress her. You'll put your best foot forward by just relaxing and being yourself.


8) Don't Talk about your Sexual Past

A woman doesn't want to hear about your previous sexual conquests, or that "wonderful girl" who just broke up with you. She wants to think that she's the most teffific girl you've ever met. If you're talking about old girlfriends, it tells her that she's not impressive enough to make you forget all the others.

Implying you've bedded many women will also scare a woman off if she's thinks you may be have some STD.. that's why I NEVER tell women I dated how many I have had.


9) Don't Ask Her about Her Sexual Past

Don't pry into her personal life too quickly unless she volunteers information. Why would you want to know about her past lovers anyway. If you fall in love with her, that knowledge will only pain you later on. Let her sexual history be her private affair. You're better off not knowing anyway.


10) Don't Turn Into the Green-Eyed Monster

A little playful jealousy is flattering and even healthy after you've dated a woman for a while, but being overly jealous can drive a woman away fast, and it's deadly poison on the first or second date. Show a little confidence. She wouldn't go out with you if she wasn't interested in you. Extreme jealousy is caused by insecurity from within, not the actions of someone else.


11) Don't Be Possessive

The only thing worse than being overly jealous is being overly possessive. Want to get rid of a woman fast? Get possessive. Try to take away her freedom and she'll revolt fast.

Put a woman in a happy, cheerful home with lots of big windows and open doors, and she'll choose to stay inside. Board up the windows and lock the doors, and she'll look for a way to escape.


12) Talk Sexy Occasionally

Don't be afraid to sprinkle the conversation with unoffensive sexual innuendos. You'll have to test the waters on this one, however. All women will react differently. Women like to talk about sex too, but you need to be careful not to come on too strong.. make SURE you are tactful about it not vulgar.


13) Don't be Overanxious

9 times out of 10 it's safe to assume that if you let a woman know you're crazy about her before she decides how she feels about you, you'll be making the decision for her, and you won't like the results.

Woman don't fall for men who are "easy." Don't start planning out second and third dates before the first date is even over. Show a woman a great time, then let her wonder for a day or two if you're going to call her back and ask her out again. But don't wait too long, because she'll start losing interest in you. It's a delicate balancing act, but the general rule is to let her think she likes you more than you like her.


Like any other activity or endeavor, the more you know about dating, the better you'll be at doing it.